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Choosing an engagement ring might be a difficult process for you. However, there’s no doubt that the cut of the main stone plays a vital role that makes all the difference when finding your desired engagement ring. Picking up a perfect engagement ring cut for you generally depends upon what exactly you’re finding in your everyday jewelry.

Do you want to elevate your modern look, or do you want to give your fingers a unique touch of style? Or you are just looking for a ring that looks huge? All these aspects depend on the cut of the main stone and that’s what we have broken them down below in detail.

So, before jumping to our main question, let’s get to know, what you should consider first before picking up an engagement ring for you.

  • Size:

    The size of the engagement ring completely comes down to your personal choice and preference and mainly on your budget. Some cut looks larger than the others of same size. Your choice of setting can also make your stone look bigger or smaller. Just like a small finger may not make a balanced look with a huge rock stone, you need to consider working with your hands and what suits you well. Make sure to learn about the 4’Cs factors that determines the price of an engagement ring.

  • Sparkle:

    The amount of sparkle present in your ring depends on the type of cut and setting you choose. Some settings allow more light to pass through a stone than others. A round cut stone is a classic choice with plenty of sparkle, but an emerald cut (aka step cut) will highlight the color and clarity of the stone with less shine. If you want to choose the perfect one, read up this whole blog.

  • Shape:

    Same as size, the shape factor completely depends on what you like and what suits perfectly on your hand. A long, thin stone positioned vertically elongates the finger and complements a variety of side stone forms for a more complicated appearance. Some forms are more economical than others, so if you're on a limited budget or simply want something unique, consider fancy cut diamonds.

    While keeping all this in mind, let’s explore

Our Top 5 Engagement Ring Cuts

  • Round Cut:

    There's a reason why round-cut is one of the most popular cuts for an engagement ring. A form without sides, officially called as "round brilliant," represents unending love and loyalty. It's the most sparkly of all the cuts and will never go out of style. You can choose a good round cut in both a solitaire and cluster ring. It is important to keep in mind that, due to the popularity, they are costlier than all the differences cut.

  • Oval Cut:

    An oval has a long round in shape and one of the best choice for those customer who love a bigger stone and cares about size. Oval cut have almost as much brightness as round cut and look great positioned vertically or horizontally.

  • Princess Cut:

    The princess-cut square shape is a modern style in engagement rings, gaining popularity in the latter part of the 20th century. The princess cut looks square from the top and inverted pyramids from the bottom. If you choose this princess cut, make sure that your ring setting protects the corner of your ring.

  • Heart Cut:

    The Heart shape or cut is simply perfect for an engagement ring. It symbolizes the tenderest of human emotions. Your engagement ring will look breathtaking when you choose a heart cut style. Choosing a heart cut style is a classic option for an engagement ring.

    Heart cut or shape have been a beloved choice throughout history, tracing back to the 16th century when Mary Queen of Scots presented one to Queen Elizabeth I. This style is symbolic of friendship, loyalty, and love.

  • Cushion Cut:

    A cushion cut appears like a cross between a rectangle and an oval. By having a pillow shape, it is also called an antique cut. Cushions can resemble radiant cuts but contain an additional row of facets to create a "crushed ice" effect.

Wrapping Up With:

As discussed above the top 5 engagement ring cuts, including round, oval, princess, heart, and cushion, are the perfect cut options you may pick for your engagement ring. Choosing a cut for your desired engagement ring depends on various factors such as your personal needs from your everyday jewelry and your budget.

However, if you are struggling to find your ideal engagement ring, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our wide collection of engagement rings (save your precious bucks and get that desired bling, right away).

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