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Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is Moissanite suitable for Men’s Band?

    Absolutely yes!

    While the list of reasons is endless, we’d like to cut it down to the most prominent ones, i.e., the timeless/classic appeal of Moissanite, versatility, and impressive durability.

  2. What not to do with a Moissanite Men’s Ring?
    • Never expose your Moissanite to harmful chemicals that can deteriorate its sparkle over time. For that, make it a point to slip it on only once you have applied your makeup, hairsprays, and other chemical-loaded products.

    • Refrain from wearing it while indulging in strenuous physical activities like playing sports, gardening, cooking, etc., to keep the risk of accidental mishaps at bay.

    • While Moissanite is an impressively durable gemstone, it’s always a good idea to store it separately to keep it from getting scratched by a harder gemstone, i.e, Diamond.

    • Never make the mistake of wearing it in the shower or swimming pool to shelter it from the detrimental effects of over build up of soaps, shampoos, and chlorine.

  3. Can Moissanite men’s band be customized?

    Whether you wish to engrave a special message or are just looking to make your Moissanite Band more personal, we can do it all and more thanks to our complete customization service.

  4. Who buys the man’s wedding band?

    As far as the traditions go, the bride’s side of the family is responsible for buying the groom’s Wedding Band and vice-versa.

  5. What is the difference between comfort fit and standard fit wedding bands?

    The key difference between a comfort and standard fit lies in the shape of the interior of the ring. While a comfort fit band has a slightly rounded or curved inner surface, a standard fit, on the other hand, possesses a flat inner surface. Thus, it is easy to tell from this that a Comfort fit is naturally more comfortable and a perfect fit for those with more active lifestyles.

  6. How do I pick men’s wedding ring?

    Selecting the perfect men’s wedding band requires you to consider the following factors: metal, ring width, fit/size, personal style, and the overall budget. A pro tip: You and your partner could even consider going for matching wedding bands to give off the ultimate couple goals vibe.

  7. Can you wear Moissanite Band everyday?

    A hundred times over, yes!

    Owing to its impressive hardness of 9.25 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, a Moissanite Band withstands the everyday wear and tear with much ease. So, you don’t have to think twice before flaunting your beloved wedding band everyday.

  8. How do I find the right ring size?

    In order to get your hands on a band ring that fits just right, you can seek help from a ring sizer that is meant to help you measure seamlessly.