Frequently Asked Question

  1. What are Moissanite Cross Earrings?

    True to what the name suggests, Moissanite Cross Earrings feature the Cross symbol as the main design element, while effortlessly incorporating the centerpiece of Moissanite in it. Symbolically, Cross is widely regarded as the symbol of Christianity, faith, and spirituality.

  2. What do Cross Earrings symbolize?

    Apart from being a stylish fashion accessory, Cross Earrings are worn to signify the Christian faith. The symbol Cross itself epitomizes the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ. So religiously, it pays homage to the divine sacrifice of the almighty.

  3. Can I sleep wearing Moissanite Cross Earrings?

    Ideally, you shouldn’t!

    Sleeping wearing Moissanite Cross Earrings (especially if they are Hoops) can cause pulling and tugging of the earlobe, that leads to unnecessary irritation, discomfort, and pain.

  4. Can Cross Earrings be worn for special occasions?

    Why not?

    In fact typically, people slip them on to symbolize their faith on religious occasions like Christmas.

  5. Does the Cross protect you from evil?

    As far as some Christian beliefs go, they do!

    Being the symbol of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, Cross is known to harness its divine powers to ward off all the evil spirits.

  6. Can I get custom designed Cross Earrings?


    With our complete customization service, we offer you the opportunity to get a pair of Cross Earrings designed tailored to your preferences.