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Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is most important in a Round Moissanite?

    To get your hands on a good quality Round Shape, considering the cut grade that it fetches is hands down the single most important thing. In order to get most of the brilliance and sparkle, always invest in a Moissanite that has been rewarded a higher cut grade (excellent, very good, and good for instance)

  2. What is the purpose of a Round Cut?

    A Round Shape Moissanite is strategically cut in a manner so as to maximize its interaction with light. As a result, it exudes most brilliance and sparkle (that you’d never find any other Moissanite shape to showcase).

  3. What is the best depth for Round Cut?

    In order to bring out the brilliance of the Moissanite at best, a depth between 59.5 to 62.9 % is deemed as ideal.

  4. What makes a Round Moissanite sparkle the most?

    To get most of the brilliance and sparkle, Round Moissanite is strategically cut with 58 facets that are skillfully aligned to optimize the reflection and refraction of the light.

  5. Can Round Cut Moissanite be used in engagement rings?

    A hundred times over, yes!

    In fact, if you don’t know it already, Round Cut Moissanite has always been the most conventional and popular choice of engagement rings. While its classic and timeless appeal holds undeniable credit for that, the unparalleled brilliance that it boasts is something that makes it an unrivaled favorite.

  6. Is Round Cut the most popular Moissanite shape?

    A big yes!

    Being a conventional classic, Round Cut can easily be called the most popular shape of all times for Moissanite. Its timeless appeal and exceptional brilliance are enough to speak of that.