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Frequently Asked Question

  1. What are Moissanite Hoop Earrings?

    Moissanite Hoop Earrings are defined by a circular or semi-circular shape (hence, the name), secured to your earlobe via a pass-through fastening. To add to its visual appeal, they are adorned with the Centerpiece of Moissanite.

  2. Are Moissanite Hoop Earrings in style in 2023?

    Yes, absolutely!

    Timeless cum fashion-forward, Moissanite Hoop Earrings as a style staple that refuses to go out of the fashion. Through their statement-making style, they personify confidence and boldness, giving off a classic boss lady look. Besides that, whether you’re dressed up or down, Hoops are all you need to take your glam quotient up a notch.

  3. What do Hoop Earrings symbolize?

    In complete justice to their circular design, Moissanite Hoop Earrings signify unity, wholeness, and infinity. Not just that, they are widely regarded as an accessory that displays strength, power, and identity.

  4. Can you wear Moissanite Hoops everyday?

    A big yes!

    Moissanite Hoops are perfect to be slipped on everyday thanks to their durable hardness rating of 9.25 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale.

  5. Do you sleep with Moissanite Hoop Earrings?

    It is not recommended to!

    Unlike studs, Hoops (owing to their bigger size) can be a little uncomfortable to sleep wearing. Besides that, they can cause unnecessary pulling and tugging to the earlobe. So, it is best to refrain from wearing them while sleeping.