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Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is a Moissanite Infinity Necklace?

    The go-to choice of accessory for making a fearlessly fashionable statement, a Moissanite Infinity Necklace features an infinity symbol shaped pendant/charm or incorporates infinity-inspired elements in the design.

  2. What does an Infinity Necklace symbolize?

    The design itself gives it away that a Moissanite Infinity Necklace is treasured as a symbol of eternity, everlasting love, and empowerment. In fact, that’s the very reason that it is romantically exchanged as a gift of eternal love between couples.

  3. Can you give an Infinity Necklace to a friend?

    Why shouldn’t you?

    The plus point of an Infinity Necklace is that apart from being a great fashion-forward accessory, it hides a meaningful symbolism behind. True to its design, it signifies eternity. Thus, you could any day gift it to a friend to suggest that your bond is meant to last forever.

  4. Are Moissanite Infinity Necklaces suitable for special occasions?

    Considering that they are the fashion-forward token of eternal love, Moissanite Infinity Necklaces are more than perfect to be gifted on special occasions, be it an anniversary, birthday, or Valentines.